Relaunch of blog & rebranding.

Hey everyone,

So yes it’s been a while. I’ve got so much to share and write about which means I’ll relaunch the blog. I finally managed to find a way out to post regularly while I’m very busy recording and producing. I’ll write about some of the recordings I produced, stories, funny moments, tips on saving…etc.

Lots of things happened. Let’s start with the main one I’m here today. Yes. Heavy Rain Sound Studio changed to Heavy Rain Sound Production. There’s just a very tiny reason for that.

I always wanted to separate myself from recording studios because I represent something else. I produce I don’t just record. 

So in short: Heavy Rain Sound Production represent a guarantee for high quality as all recordings go through full sound production. That’s why I changed the name slightly. I wan’t everyone to understand that this is something different. I won’t give you your song just after recorded. Your songs need care and lots of post work to take them to the next level. Production is one key element to reach that together with great attitude from a producer how takes care of your songs. Everyone deserves to be fully produced.

Take care now and have an awesome day,



Today’s quick tip. How to spot a mastered and unmastered audio just by looking at the sound waves. (The orange mastered is one of mine)



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