Solomon – Dark Of The Knight EP & LP

solomon mozaik

Do you like rock? Awesome solos? Heavy bass? Then you’ll love this band and their music.

Instead of doing the regular online review, I’d like to share my personal experiences working with Solomon. This way you can look “behind the scenes” and understand what makes this LP so enjoyable.

Here’s their introduction from their Facebook page:

“4 piece heavy rock band based in Kendal. We play a variety of hard rock classics as well as our own original compositions”

My experiences with the band:

solomon behind the scenes

They are some of the friendliest and nicest guys I ever met. Recording with them is always a huge amount of fun and a really good laugh. The main thing I really like about Solomon is how proud and committed they are when it comes to their music. I think that’s the first key step to making great music. You need to enjoy what you do. Commitment showed particularly when we recorded for the second time. I didn’t even need to point out why we needed to re-record a section. “Was not strong enough”…”I didn’t like it”…”This is not how I want it to sound on the EP”.

Everyone wanted the same thing. Give their listeners the best experience through their music by working a lot on the songs and writing great lyrics. 

I personally enjoyed working with their songs as both the music and  lyrics are very entertaining. (OMG! You should have seen my face when I got to editing their vocals. 🙂 Just read their lyrics and you’ll understand.)

Shaun, their singer/guitarist visited me and spent countless hours just to add new ideas to make things better than they already were. The aim was always the same. Let’s change something as it will sound much better. We also spent a lot on creating unique sounding for all the instruments in every song. ( That’s what I call real commitment.)

Music and EP / LP review:

Solomon’s music became very complex this year. You’ll find everything you need. Heavy riffs, rock drum and bass, solos, also beautiful clean guitar sections with a choir. If I have to summarise it in short, I’d say it’s more progressive, but just as much that it’s still easy to listen to and enjoyable. Hearing their songs I always feel lucky they’ve chosen me to produce.

Time it took?

Each EP took around 40-50 hours to record and the same amount of time to edit, mix and master. Because of that, I look DOTK LP as one of my favourite masterpieces.

Dark Of The Knight LP is the extended version of the EP with songs of the previous EP added, so you can get more songs for a more favourable option.

Find out more about Solomon:


Facebook-> CLICK HERE


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