Behind The Scenes with Blueway Jane 2018 Spring, Production…etc.

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Hey everyone,

It’s been a while and I felt like it’s time to do the blog again. I’ll try to go as it happened since January. This is my first post about 2018. So instead of doing the regular “check this out” post, I thought what if I share again some personal experiences. Today I’d like to talk a bit about the recording of Blueway Jane. So just some days after new year Craig Smith contacted me in January. The reason was quite similar like everyone else’s. People who contact me always do it for the same reason.  They all want something better then the usual quick studio live session recordings. To be fair I’m quite happy with that as that’s something I really don’t want to do. To be honest – especially acoustic singers- most of the people could do that at home. Why? Here’s how do I look at live session recordings at a studio. Using no metronomes, pressing a button to record, getting lots of tracks done, get a quick mix, pay some £ an hour, go home then repeat. I’m not saying it’s bad. Every type of recording has its place in the music industry. I’m just saying it’s not my cup of tea.

It was a great experience recording with Blueway Jane. Everyone works differently so I guess it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to get used to my way of working, which is I think pretty simple, but effective. First rule: Metronome all the time. Second rule: Just relax, have fun and do your best. Music is about communication. I don’t think a stressful, rushed recording would speak to anyone. I strongly believe a relaxing atmosphere already takes a basic recording to the next level. Every time I listen to recordings I did with musicians, all I hear is self confidence. Their music speaks to me and everyone. It was the same with Blueway Jane. We started with Craig and Lewis laying down the basics, some strong guitar tracks. This was then followed by a break eating burgers and Jack doing bass. We found a perfect day for the drum recording, where Oliver showed how awesome he is on drums. (supported by Racket Studios) We did two vocal sessions. A short one that day and a longer one some weeks later.

I have to say they all did a great job. I’m glad I could experience something I really love about bands. Teamwork. You could tell that everyone knew each section of every song. Every chorus, verse…etc. is worked out properly. I could never feel that something was missing. It always means the same thing. Everyone put equal time and effort in the songs. Craig and Lewis do great riffs then just swap to add harmonies or awesome solos. Jack is not the type of bassist who’d just pick the basic 4 notes and follow guitars. He adds scales and all sorts to the music. Oliver’s playing is not the typical “4/4 on a hi-hat all the time” type of drummer. He follows the music adding just enough extras and not doing any unnecessary hits. In sort. They all take their part seriously to make their music very interesting and enjoyable.


They quite surprised me with the songs at first but it all made sense when we got to the end. Why? The EP has 3 very different songs in style. The first one “Gimme The Love” reminds me of Rock’N’Roll with a bit of twist. The second “Don’t Tempt My Fate” is a proper rock song with  heavy but melodic breakdowns. The third “Common Blues” is a blues song which the guys called a jam song as it has a slow and long feel. There’s a big surprise though. They all fit perfectly together and shows how versatile they are.


It had to be delayed a bit as I got sick. After I got better we went through the same process as with everyone else. I sent them the first mix. Here I asked them to share their thoughts on what they liked or disliked about it at that stage. This always helps me so much to understand how the bands wants their recording to sound in the final mix. Here I did what I always do. Made a list for their thoughts, wishes, sat down again and did my magic. Sent the final mastered versions through which then seemed to be a great success.

In overall I’m really happy with the outcome and really proud of their EP. After it’s released I’ll make other posts and probably add them to my reference collection. Again, I’m very thankful for them for choosing me. I’m glad I could have been a part of Blueway Jane history and show what production could do for them.

If anyone is curious about their upcoming EP, click on their name and find the band and their events on Facebook. I’m sure we’ll hear more from them soon. There’s also a teaser on their Facebook page.

Have an awesome day!


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