Moving To Kendal


Hey everyone,

So in the last 6-8 months there were some questions I kept thinking a lot about. One was “do I need to hire a big place for the studio”. 

For anyone who’s new to me: This was a hard question for me as I don’t function as a recording studio, I do sound production. What’s the difference? Well just in short: A recording studio is a place you go in and get yourself recorded. You’ll then get a just quick mix and you can take your recording home the very same day. The whole process stop there.

With me it’s different. I start the same way by recording the artists. The difference comes after. The process doesn’t stop there after the recording. I produce these raw recordings to take everything to the next level, then mix and master everything. (editing, track enhancement, mixing & mastering). Basically I spend around 1/4 of the time recording and  3/4 producing aka. creating awesome sound for you all 😉

three of us

This is why I was a bit confused and it was a really hard question. Time was also ticking as me and my partner already started looking for a new place to live in Kendal. I knew having my own place for the studio of course would come with lots of advantages. But on the other hand as mentioned above, I spend very little time recording and a lot more producing so hiring a place every time I need one seemed an even more comfortable solution. I know…Too much thinking… 😀


Long story short… I decided to go for it and found the perfect spot for the live room recordings. On the other hand, I’ll still keep my production room in my home. Basically Heavy Rain Sound Production will continue to function as before but both the production and live rooms will be located in Kendal. (time for applause 😛 )

Have an awesome day!




2 Replies to “Moving To Kendal”

  1. Congratulations Andris I’m so happy for you & I look forward to working with you on many more projects in the near future! The next drum cover is being decided as we speak 😎🤘

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