My Last Recording

Hey everyone,

So time by time I get messages from other musicians or friends asking for an audio or video sample, or just in general how a recording went with others. If I’m honest, recording is great fun with musicians and that’s the only moment we spend together during the music production process. It’s great as you never know what to expect and there’s always a “PMSL” moment. šŸ˜€ So I thought “why not do videos?” and share these moments.

So here we are. I’ll start making a vlog. There are no set rules. Don’t expect high quality recorded videos. It will be as simple as it can be. No tons of editing, no hype, just reality. Why? I don’t want it to take time away from music production and I want it to be real. I’m not after your likes or anything. It’s only about sharing fun moments as they are.

New funny businesscard 2018

In a way I reached a smaller milestone as I’m moving everything to Kendal. So I thought this is also the best time to start doing it. It’s the end of a nearly two years period and the beginning of something new. I’ve no idea what’s happening in the future. All I know is, that I’ll keep dedicating my life to what I love. Music.

Here’s the first video:

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