Adrian Ventura’s New EP is out and it’s awesome!!!

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“Finally!!!!” This is the first word that comes into my mind. I’ve been waiting so long to share this! Why am I so excited? There are two reasons.

First of all, these songs are so great and unique. I always liked Adrian’s style of mixing different genres into one song. Acoustic? Reggae? Rock? It’s all there. Are you looking for something chilled? Something upbeat? Maybe something entertaining and funny? You name it. It’s all on his new EP “Sometime. Maybe? Yeah!”

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First time we recorded an EP, I met a person who had this positive attitude, great to work with and his songs always sounded good. But recording this 2nd EP was different. This time I met a new person playing guitar and singing in front of me. Adrian progressed so much in all ways. He was way more confident in nearly everything. He had become much better with singing, playing the guitar and even with the metronome and recording. The songs? Shocked me from the first second they were so good. Then I got a grin on my face when he said Tim Lowe will be playing drums for the new EP. Just click here and listen to Tim and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. So great songs, vocals, lyrics then add an amazing talented drummer, also Paul’s Bass Productions and you get one of the best albums ever! “Sometime. Maybe? Yeah!” from Adrian Ventura.


The second reason I was excited to post this album was something personal to do with Heavy Rain. As you know I spend lots of time making things better. Heavy Rain is not just about recording and production. I spend my free time learning and developing new techniques and also learning about and upgrading my gear so I can provide better each time I record someone. This EP represents my latest production quality and is the first one on the line. There’s lots more coming this year and I’m very proud of them all! Expect everything to sound louder, cleaner, dirtier…better than before! 😉

Have and awesome day and make great music!


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