Southern Edge – All For One


southern edge background



Here’s something pretty cool! Southern Edge has just released their first ever 8 song album.

The story of Southern Edge from my point of view:
I recorded 3 of their current members before they met at the annual Heavy Rain BBQ. (Mike Turnbull, Harry Stephenson & Paul Fulker) Heavy Rain BBQ is an event, which I do each year to meet each other and spend some time together with the musicians I record. We recorded 2 songs with Paul, Mike and Harry. (Holes and Never Be) By that time they had no drummer so I had to create some live sounding drums. The songs sounded really great and catchy. Not to mention they kinda “just” jammed it on a few practices and came straight away to get it recorded and it all just sounded like they’ve been always playing together. Since then David Pennington joined the band, who is a great drummer and also an excellent singer. (Yes Dave can sing while playing drums) 

End of last year 2018 just after Christmas, we started working on their first big album. We started by recording all guitars from Harry Stephenson and laying down some basic vocal tracks. Everyone practiced to this backing track, then we continued by adding Paul’s bass. It went easy. I showed Paul one of my ideas to add tube saturation to his bass, which resulted in a warm sound full of ear pleasing sweet harmonic distortion. Luckily Paul like the idea. Because of that the bass sounds very much in your face and a bit more rocky. Just have a listen how some of the songs finish. The bass is sweet! 😉 Next stop with Mike, who  is a very talented multi-instrumentalist. For this album he used a mandola, a mandolin and also a banjo. We then tracked Dave on drums, which was amazingly quick and sounded great. It took Dave only about 4 hours to get everything done, including breaks. Isn’t that awesome. We organised a final day for vocals where I recorded all the main vocals from Harry, then added the extra layer from all the others.

The production process was the usual. I edited the tracks then mixed and mastered the album. I aimed not to overproduce the album. We kept live elements in, but I also made sure of the clarity and high quality of the audio. I mastered it so it sounds very warm, punchy and strong, then provided the guys with industry standard loudness for physical and online releases.

The album is called “All For One” for a reason. Everyone is taking their part seriously and you can tell they all worked on it a lot. You can also hear all 4 members of the band singing. Every song represents something else and each song feels like a different genre. You can find emotional moments, happy songs, bluesy banjo in a upbeat song and many-many more. I think it’s a great album and I’m very proud that Southern Edge chose me to produce it. The band gets lots of attention and radio plays on BBC radio. Find them and their events by clicking here.


Members on the album:

Davind Pennington – Drums / Backing vocals
Harry Stephenson – Guitars / Main vocals
Mike Turnbull – Mandola, Mandolin, Banjo / Vocals
Paul Fulker – Bass / Backing Vocals

Heavy Rain Sound Studio – Kendal, Lake District

Recording, editing, mixing & mastering. Music Production.

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