About me

Thank you for taking time to read about me and for thinking of working together. I always feel honoured for anyone choosing my services.

Short Story:

I started as a small local project around 2016. The idea was to bring more life into the music scene in Cumbria and put this area on the map. Since then we have grown a lot together with musicians. I helped locals to connect, built a strong community, rehearsal place and I made sure artists are heard in radios like BBC, festivals…etc.

The studio

Heavy Rain Sound Studio is a creative space, a small sized affordable project studio where my main focus is to produce album quality recordings. You get everything in one place from recording, mixing to mastering and I can also help if you need a song or a beat written for you. As I have 20+ years of experience with making music, I’m happy to get involved, take your project to the next level and naturally treat it as my own. I am also offering sound design services if you’d like to make a simple acoustic song into a full band sound or just add something to lift your song to the next level. You can also hire artists as the studio is home for a network of musicians.

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How to pronounce my name?

Yes, I get this question a lot. 🙂 Andris is pronounced same as words like “fish”, with ISH at the end. (ANDRISH)

Where can I find the studio?

Studio is located on Castle Mills Business Park on the 1st floor where Westmorland Crossfit is. We also have businesses like the Barrel House and The Factory Tap.

"Looking forward to hearing from you!" Andris