Acoustic Pop

Adrian Naik aka Adrian Ventura. Zimbabwean born musician living in the UK. Playing an eclectic mix of funky and chilled acoustic music.

“…His story will always be special for me. As we were getting close to the recording date, I contacted him if there’s anything changed. Adrian informed me that there is a big change and we might have to delay the recording as he no longer had a bassist and a drummer. To his big surprise I assured him that we can easily find a solution to his situation. The main elements of his talented music is his vocal and unique guitar playing. Because of that all the rest can be “easily” replaced with sound design. We recorded Adrian’s guitar playing first and him singing after. By the same time we talked through what type of drum and bass he’d like to have designed for him. He was told than to leave the rest to me and I’ll design both drum and bass tracks that best suits his music and style. On the recording below you can hear the final product. Adrian was more than happy with the sound design job that Heavy Rain Sound Studio provided for him…”

Click the play button to enjoy one of the happiest songs ever on planet Earth:
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