Artist Hire

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Why hire an artist?

      1. Hiring a voice-over artist is the most efficient and comfortable way to get your professional audio clips. Choose an artist, send us the script, then just sit back, relax and we’ll do everything for you.
      2. Living far? Distance isn’t a problem. This is great as you can hire us from anywhere around the world and get the best prices too. My Voice-over Premium provides a great quality & value for a better competitive rate compared to “big city” prices. Main reason I have regular clients in London and all around the UK. 

I’m very proud to bring 4 incredible voice-over artists to you. Click on the player to hear their voices in 4 different situations. The layout is the same for all 4 clips to make sure you find the perfect voice for your project.

Sample layout:

    • introduction
    • sales type advert with upbeat music
    • chilled / atmospheric 
    • poem / audiobook / clear audio with no background music

Pricing & value:

Minimum booking: £100 – Up to 600 words

Above 600 words – £12 / 100 words


    • artist hire
    • recording & studio time
    • post production
    • 1 revision

Read the details about the full service list at Voice-over Premium

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