Bestseller! 5x Discount!

“I don’t want to worry about time, prefer flat rates and I want
 all production services” 

5x discount:

-No clock-watching for recording
-Flat rates / project based prices
-Editing, track enhancement, mixing & mastering all included.
-Up to 25% discount on songs
-The more you do, the cheaper it gets

 How to get this option?

Usually I’d charge for mixing and mastering per each song. The idea is, if you pay a one time production fee, you’ll get a discount on all your songs. 

Unlimited recording time?

After chatting, I’ll book you in for set days depending on your project. If you run out of time, you’re free to come back and continue without any extra fees. Once we both agree that sufficient has been recorded, I’ll start the production and there’s no more free recording time provided.