Drum Production

What do I want to achieve with drum recording?

My aim is a 3D sound where all parts of the drum set can be identified. Not just a simple panned sound, but a real live experience where you close your eyes and you can see the drummer in front of you. Please use headphones to experience it. You’re free to tell me what drum sound you’re looking for. A shotgun snare? A soft warm one? Just tell me  and I’ll do it all for you.

All drums you hear are recorded and produced by me. I pulled down the music a bit so you can hear the drum sound more.

One of my favourite producer is “The Machine” aka. Gene Freeman. Back in the beginning of 2020 I did a course where I received all the original tracks for Lamb Of God and did a training where The Machine showed how he mixed the songs. That training changed my life forever and I believe I produce way better drums since. I’ll keep updating this page with new references.