Hayden Sorrenson

Hey everyone,

Let me introduce Hayden Sorrenson to you. Hayden is who people call a natural talent. What to expect? Very clean and strong vocals. Plays mostly covers, but plans to release some of his originals soon.

Here’s his introduction from Facebook:

“…I’m 22 years old and kicked off my music career after winning a local talent competition in 2013 ! I love to sing and love to entertain !…”

Yes that’s right. Hayden won a local talent show hosted by Lakeland Radio and loves to entertain. His recording was played several times at Lakeland Radio by the lovely Suzie Pye. Hayden is a friendly nice guy. Everyone loves his personality which shines through his music. No wonder he’s the top chosen solo acoustic singer around the Lake District.

My experiences with Hayden:

I personally love to work with him as a producer. He’s always very efficient and quick as knows his songs really well. Also he claims he never practiced with it, but he’s pretty good with the metronome. I personally highly recommend Hayden for any venues looking for someone to give a great show with flawless vocals and great sounding music.

Find out more about Hayden and get in contact: