Hire A Musician


No problem at all. I have a network of musicians. Artists you find on this page are super friendly and I’ve been working with them for years! Feel free to read & get in touch with them. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you to get your dream sound. Click on the images to get their contacts in a new window or email them.

Mike Turnbull

Mike is an amazing singer-songwriter with over 35 years of experience. I often call him “The Man Of Thousand Strings”. Why? Mike plays the guitar, tenor guitar, mandola, mandolin, banjo and many more. He has triangles, egg shakers, tambourine and he’s also a singer-songwriter. He plays for Southern Edge.

Mike Turnbull

Paul Fulker

Paul is a bassist I worked with on wide range of genres in the past few years, including rock, reggae, pop and acoustic. He plays in Southern Edge and Heavy Energy bands!

Paul Fulker

Toby Weatherill

You can hear Toby playing on all the Taxi With Strangers singles I’ recorded and produced. He plays other instruments like the guitar. Because of that he’s able to fully understand songs from all perspectives. He’s also a songwriter. Look no further if you’re looking for a drummer who can do rock, pop, alternative rock or punk.



Dawn Foster

Why I love working with Dawn? She has the perfect female voice, which is super pleasant for the ear and cuts through music easily at the same time. Did I mention she isn’t just a singer-songwriter but also plays the guitar and violin?” Hear her references on all 5 songs of the “Courageous Tree” album by Mike Turnbull.


Phil Lewis

Phil is my favourite #1 trumpet player. Why? He specialises in turning up and just “jamming it” with a perfect first take after hearing a song first time in his life. He’s seriously great in improvising and bringing tracks to life. You can hear him on all UnTethered songs and also featured as a guest artist in “Every Last Wolf” by Mike Turnbull, “I am” by The Leukemia Lad, “Marie” by Barney Kenny and many more. As he always says “everything needs a bit of brass”.


Robin Andrews

Need harmonica? Robin can do it for you. He mainly enjoys working with blues, rock, pop and folk. He can also do cajon for you. He’s a great freestyle player as well who is really great at improvising. I worked with him on the UnTethered songs as he’s also part of the band.

robin andrews

Contact: 07798 791716

Need something else? I’ve not listed everyone, so feel free to let me know how we can all help. Click on the image, send me a message and I’ll find the best person for you!