Instrument+Vocal+Sound Design

“…All my fixed price packages represent a guarantee for high quality as all recordings go through full sound production. You’ll never be charged by the hour…”

Instrument recording + vocal recording + sound design package with full music production:

“…Ideal for solo artists who’d like to add something extra to give their recording a bigger sound…”

Services included:

  • Worry free recording. Flat rates=unlimited time. We’ll take all the time we need to record your best moments.

  • All of your recorded tracks get edited to sound perfect.
    Extra instruments custom designed to lift your song to the next level.

  • All your tracks get mixed to give you a good sound.

  • All your songs get mastered to reach the full potential of your songs.

  • My great attitude as I’ll do everything I need to make your recordings amazing. I’m focused on the results and how everything sounds rather than how much time you spend in the studio or how much time I spend with your songs.

Process each song goes through and estimated time:

Instrument Recording (2 hours)
Vocal Recording (1-2 hours)
Sound Design (3 hours)
Editing (2-3 hours)
Mixing (2 hours)
Mastering (1-2 hours)

Free services:  (1-2 hours)

Track Enhancing
Vocal Tuning…etc. 

12-15 hours in total for only £120 per song. 

GOOD TO KNOW: Heavy Rain Sound Production gives you a special treatment you’ll never be able to get from recording studios. Everyday simple recording studios charge £30 an hour or £250 a day = 8 hours excluding breaks. You’re also charged while they set up microphones and do test recordings. Every second you spend in the studio costs you money. It also means they’ll just record you and give you a rough mix straight away. There’s no real production, no editing, no mastering just recording. Your vocals won’t be de-essed, tuned…etc. Now multiply the total hours by £30 and you’ll get what you’d be charged if you ask for the same service.