Hi my name is Andris Kiss and welcome to Heavy Rain Sound Studio! 

Heavy Rain is a new  professional studio located in Kendal town centre, where you can get everything from recording, editing, mixing to mastering. Record with me during the day, then enjoy the Lake District in the afternoon.

June 2019: After 3 years of continuous support from locals, I wanted to give more back and re-opened at a brand new location where I share the place with many other amazing businesses. (Westmoorland Crossfit, Castle Ironworks Gym, Proper Northern Yoga, Lakeland Healing Hands…etc.) We have an amazing view on the river, big carpark and so much to choose from. Also the Factory Tap with awesome food and drinks next door!

What to expect?

Production is best of both worlds, digital and analog( Distressor el8x, SSL…etc).

Final mastered audio: 44.1 kHz 16, 24, 32 bits wav and 320 kbps mp3. The resulting quality and loudness is industry standard -5 to -8 LUFS for physical and -13 LUFS for online releases.

I truly believe that no one is providing this full service and quality I can give you in this area. I’m not the one day record and quick mix studio. I’m a music producer and an audio engineer. I treat your tracks as if it was mine and each price reflects a promise for your dream sound not time spent in a studio.

Here’s what’s included in my prices:

-recording all instruments
-editing all tracks to give you a tight sound
-track enhancement to bring out the best sound of each track
-mixing to get separation and a good sounding stereo sound
-mastering: A final polish to make your song(s) sound bigger, better and louder.

Included for free:

-years of experience in production
-my good attitude and effort put into your song(s)
-lots of fun, smile and a great time creating good memories
-a “wow is this really me” face when your recording is finished

“Attitude is the only thing that separates sound engineers.”

Would you like to know more about me?

Hear it from people I already worked with. Read my reviews or search for “Meet The Artist series” where musicians share their personal experiences working with me in a short video. Listen to my references.

I like challenges and I’m happy to hear about your ideas. Drop me a message and lets discuss your dream sound! 


“…So you’ve written some amazing songs? Maybe you feel like they could sound a bit better. You’ve worked hard to take your songs to the next level and you’d like to find someone who can take them to that spot. All my past clients were in your shoes. Let me partner with you to get your tracks to the full potential. At the “References” menu you can find some examples of clients I worked together with in the past. Feel free to have a listen how we have gone from a good song to something great and see what I was able to do for them…”