Mixing | Mastering

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  • Streaming & CD master – £30 per song
  • Vinyl master – £40 per song

Heavy Rain exclusive mix & master: 

“Full service / Andris Kiss treatment including basically everything from me.”

  • Small projects with  up to 4 tracks – £30 per song | beats or backing tracks + vocals
  • Up to 10 tracks  – £60 per song | smaller acoustic projects
  • Above 10 tracks / unlimited tracks  – £95 per song | #1 choice for bands

Discounts & bonuses:


  •  1 hour free studio session after mixing. Finalising your project together and to make sure things sound as you always wanted it.
  • free revision and remastering in 1 week to make sure you’re happy with the final sound.

With me you’ll get more than a regular mixing and mastering!

Need someone to dig deep in your project and make it as big as it can be? I can do that for you and I’m available for full productions. Check out the “Andris Kiss treatment”

Here’s what I’ll do for you:

  • go through your project track by track and note by note
  • edit tracks to make everything tighter
  • tune vocals, bass and correct anything that sounds unmusical
  • reprint & work out the best possible sound for each track using high-end analog gear
  • create a 3D sound where each track gives you a sonic experience
  • create separation and a mix where you can always hear everything all the time
  • master your project for CD, streaming or even vinyl

I  use a hybrid approach, best of both worlds for mixing and mastering. I use plugins and high-end hardware to get the results plugins can’t do!  (Neve, SSL, Focusrite, Distressor EL8X, 1176..etc)

“I’m here for you to take your project to the next level. The best mixing and mastering service in Cumbria, Lake District.

Sitting on a fantastic single or album? Don’t “throw it away” by:

  • Mixing or mastering it yourself (unless it’s just a quick demo or reference for your band or a studio).
  • Using a low cost engineer or a friend “who can do it cheaper”.
  • Using online algorithm based ‘robot mastering’ software. Well marketed, but poor results. Designed for amateurs. These are like the fast food versions in the music industry.
  • I know there are lots of “cost effective” ways for mixing and mastering services where you just “send and get”. Mine is personal solution, where I’ll listen to you as I want to know the sound in your head. I’ll tell exactly what I’ll do to get you your dream sound.
  • People will judge your music by how it sounds (how it’s mixed and mastered). Make sure you sound professional.