Other / Custom Requests

Could you not find your price? Do you have a custom request?

I understand that every project is unique like yours. The price lists are made to give a basic idea to understand the way I think about providing a service. Fill out this form and I’ll send you a quote made for you. Please fill out as much as you can.

Services I’ll always include when you choose me:

  • Worry free recording. Flat rates=unlimited time. We’ll take all the time we need to record your best moments.

  • All of your recorded tracks get edited to sound perfect.

  • All your tracks get mixed to give you a good sound.

  • All your songs get mastered to reach the full potential of your songs.

  • My great attitude as I’ll do everything I need to make your recordings amazing. I’m focused on the results and how everything sounds rather than how much time you spend in the studio or how much time I spend with your songs.

Process each song goes through:

Instrument Recording
Vocal Recording

Free services: 

Track Enhancing
Vocal Tuning…etc.