Estimate Prices : Music Production

Fixed prices per song?

When you’re charged by the hour or day, you’ll mainly pay for your mistakes you make in the studio. Fixed prices are more musician friendly. I prefer to chill out, make as many mistakes we want and record all we need to make a good song. 

Editing, mixing & mastering all included? 

I have a set standard for all audios and only that quality audio can leave my studio. People will listen to your songs and they’ll judge you and me by the way the songs sound. The only way to achieve quality is full music production. The music industry is all about reputation, sound and quality. This is why I’ll always include editing, mixing and mastering for you.

How does the quote work?

All you need to do is give some basic information about your recording. This way I’ll know how many tracks I need to work with, also how much time it takes in average to get from a single recorded track to a mastered audio. You’ll then receive a quote for your project.

Your fixed price quote is calculated with £10 / hour. To get yours please click here.

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