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“Prices are in average. You’ll need to contact me or pop in to the studio so I have a better understanding how to get you the sound you’re looking for”

Mixing: (when you didn’t record with me)

  • 1 song – £100
  • 2 songs and above – £55 per song


£35 per song

Mixing & Mastering: (when you didn’t record with me)

  • 1 song – £115
  • 2 songs and above – £80 per song or by quote. The more you do, the cheaper it gets.


Mixing & Mastering: (when you record with me)

£50-£70 per song or by quote. The more you do, the cheaper it gets.

Note: “You always get a better deal when you do everything with me.

How come it is cheaper when I record with you?

As an example: Just from the start I know why I’m using a microphone and a placement while recording. I exactly know where it gonna get us for mixing, and how it’s gonna sound just at mastering. I have lots of microphone techniques, different preamps with different sounds…etc. I always decide which one I use based on your *sound map for your song. Basically it saves me time as I don’t have to spend time correcting tracks. (Not using the right mic, bad placement of the mic or even just using an untreated room, noisy preamp, static, bad signal to noise ratio…etc) Mixing is the soul of a song. Mastering takes it to the next level.

Thinking about recording by yourself as it “saves you money”?

Please don’t and not it won’t. Many times we have to go back and rerecord a lot when people bring me their recordings as it doesn’t work in the mix. In the end it cost the same price as if we did everything together from scratch. You’re also missing fun & studio experience when you record at home. Not to mention chatting and learning new things while recording and free cappuccino, tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Sound map: I’ll ask tons of questions about your project before we start working together. This helps me to design a layout of instruments for your song and make a decision on which mic, preamp or other hardware unit I should use. I’ll then draw a picture / sound map and show you how I’d lay out the instruments. I’d also explain which microphone technique I’d use, why and what effect it will have on your overall sound.


The audio sample shows how the project sounded before then after I mixed and mastered it. Please use good speakers or headphones when listening.

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