My Services


Recording simply goes by the hour. There’s no minimum hours to book in or “silly” 4-8 hour sessions like at most places. It’s all flexible with me. You can spend here as many hours you’d like and then just “play it by ear”. My current place is a project studio. 7.5m x 3.5m x 3.5m suitable for recording anything from vocals, guitars to drums. I am only able to do live small acoustic band recordings atm due to the current size of the studio.

I can record nearly anything in this space from guitars, vocals, drums to violins, amps…etc.


Need a beat or song written for you from scratch? Or maybe you have a song, but it needs extra instruments or something like drums replacing?

I have you all covered. As I have 20+ years of experience with making music. I’m happy to get involved, take your project to the next level and naturally treat it as my own.



Have you got a mixed song? I’m looking forward to take your audio to the next level. Mastering helps to get your song to a professional commercial ready high quality. Your song will sound bigger, wider, more dynamic and louder than before, where lows, mids and highs all sound even and pleasant for the ear.

Tip from Andris:

Mastering is simply a final polish. It enhances what you already have in a project. Performance, mixing and recording is the soul of a song. That’s where your real sound is.

Mix & master packages:

My services include mixing & mastering as a fixed priced production package. These packages also include revision sessions to fine tune your song(s) together all free of charge. Basically you get everything and a guarantee that you’ll get a professional quality release. My work has a set bar and all projects leaving my studio has to hit that bar. Your songs represent both of us and my reputation is what keeps me busy every year. Quality songs will get you more gigs and a bigger fan base.

FAQ: Editing, vocal or bass tuning, effects…etc included free of charge if you record with me. If you send me prerecorded material, editing is simply per hour.

Here’s what I’ll do for you in detail:

  • go through your project track by track and note by note
  • edit tracks to make everything tighter
  • tune vocals, bass and correct anything that sounds unmusical
  • reprint & work out the best possible sound for each track using high-end analog gear
  • create a 3D sound where each track gives you a sonic experience
  • create separation and a mix where you can always hear everything all the time
  • master your project for CD, streaming or even vinyl

I  use a hybrid approach, best of both worlds for mixing and mastering. I use plugins and high-end hardware to get the results plugins can’t do!  (Neve, SSL, Focusrite, Distressor EL8X, 1176..etc)

“I’m here for you to take your project to the next level. The best mixing and mastering service in Cumbria, Lake District.