Solo Artists With Backing Tracks


Production package for artists with stereo backing tracks


  • £25 per hour for recording, studio hire + engineer
  • £30 per song for production

What’s included?


  • studio hire + engineer
  • recording time & post production fee
  • number of songs not limited / unlimited vocal recording


  • editing
  • track enhancement*
  • mixing*
  • mastering*


“In your face” vocals and a balanced mix. Yeah! That’s how we like it!!!

CD and streaming master also included.

  • Tracking:

Recording through high-end analogue equipment to provide industry standard high quality raw tracks. (ISA 430 mk ii, Distressor EL8X, Neve preamps, Universal Audio…etc.)

The studio room is sound treated. It would be great just by itself to record, but I have taken it to the next level with a self built vocal booth which gives a total reverb / eco free clean recording.

  • Post Production services to take your clips to the next level:
  1. De-essing / Soften “needle in your ear” harsh letters (T, C, S, K, SH)
  2. De-breathing / Softening up breath takes or just get rid of all.
  3. Soften up unpleasant boomy letters like “P” and “B”
  4. All words levelled to same loudness. Up-front sounding even words.
  5. Getting rid of all random unwanted lip and tongue noises.
  6. Getting rid of all “needle in your ear” sounds in overall and taming harshness.
  7. Balancing out overall tone for audio clips where low end is warm and the high end is sound pleasing to the ear with a nice sizzle or air.
  8. Production through high-end industry standard analogue equipment for mixing & mastering.

The all result in a professional warm, “pleasant for the ear” sound that is suitable for all platforms from professional speakers to a simple smart phone, where the audio clip is up-front and cuts through all environment situations.

Read more about production at my mixing and mastering page.

* Best of both worlds for production: I use both real analogue gear and digital. (1176, Distressor EL8X, SSL BUS, tube warmth, tape saturation…etc.) I wouldn’t just “chuck in” a quick plugin to save time for track enhancement. I go through your tracks one by one to bring out the best of each. Your vocal will be always prominent and up front.  I have it all what plugins can’t do.  😉