Solo Singer

10 hours worth of studio time for £95.

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“…All my fixed price packages represent a guarantee for high quality as all recordings go through full sound production. You’ll never be charged by the hour…”

The solo singer’s package with full music production:

“…Ideal for solo singers who’d either  need someone to write a song for them or need someone who can take their songs to the next level getting an album or iTunes quality recording…”

Services included:

  • Worry free recording. Flat rates=unlimited time. We’ll take all the time we need to record your best moments.

  • Songwriting and sound design services to create the best backing track for you from scratch.

  • All of your recorded tracks get edited to sound perfect.

  • All your tracks get mixed to give you a good sound.

  • All your songs get mastered to reach the full potential of your songs.

  • My great attitude as I’ll do everything I need to make your recordings amazing. I’m focused on the results and how everything sounds rather than how much time you spend in the studio or how much time I spend with your songs.

Process each song goes through and estimated time:

Vocal Recording (2 hours)
Songwriting & Sound Design (3-5 hours)
Editing (2 hours)
Mixing (2 hours)
Mastering (1-2 hours)

Free services:  (1-2 hours)

Track Enhancing
Vocal Tuning…etc. 

11-15 hours in total for only £120-£140 when you record only one song.