The Studio

Established in 2016 August.

Studio build & the way I choose to function:

I work mainly from home. This is why my 3×3 meters sound treated control room is based in my home office. Suitable for vocal, acoustic and electric instrument recordings.

Loud instrument recordings take place at Kendal collage. I can also travel to your practice place to record your drums for example.

I chose to work this way to be able to give everyone the best prices possible. I don’t have to charge musicians the price to run a huge facility.

Studio plans:

From 2018 I plan to relocate my studio in  a much bigger place in Kendal.

Studio name:

“…I wanted a name for my studio that expresses the sound quality and something that’s a little bit “Lakeland-ish” as I believe this is one of the most beautiful place of the world I have ever lived. That’s how I came up with the name Heavy Rain Sound Production…”