Audiobooks? E-learning? iOS app? GPS?…etc. Here’s the best voice-over package in the Lake District to cover all your needs and provide your company an unbeatable value and industry standard high quality.

Companies I worked with

Lake District National Park

goyourtour.com & The National Trust

(GPS triggered app for iOS and android.)



(e-learning course)

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£40 per hour

What’s included?

  • studio hire
  • engineer
  • recording time
  • post production

More specifically?


Recording through high-end analogue equipment to provide industry standard high quality tracks. (ISA 430 mk ii, Neve preamps, Telefunken TF47 microphone…etc.)

Purposely built vocal booth for maximum isolation.

Post Production services to take your clips to the next level:

  1. De-essing / Soften “needle in your ear” harsh letters (T, C, S, K, SH)
  2. De-breathing / Softening up breath takes or just get rid of all.
  3. Soften up unpleasant boomy letters like “P” and “B”
  4. All words levelled to same loudness. Up-front sounding even words.
  5. Getting rid of all random unwanted lip and tongue noises.
  6. Getting rid of all “needle in your ear” sounds in overall and taming harshness.
  7. Balancing out overall tone for audio clips where low end is warm and the high end is sound pleasing to the ear with a nice sizzle or air.
  8. Production through high-end industry standard analogue equipment for mixing & mastering.

The all result is a professional warm, “pleasant for the ear” sound that is suitable for all platforms from professional speakers to a simple smart phone, where the audio clip is up-front and cuts through all environment situations.


Bonus: 1 week free revision.

“I’ll come back to your project and correct any minor edits for free.” Andris Kiss

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