What I Provide

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Why does everything from Heavy Rain sound better when compared?

Heavy Rain represents an all in one place where your songs get the best they deserve. You get the following when you choose me:

Treatment for your project:

-quality recording through high-end preamps…no cheap live mixers here đŸ˜‰ (ISA 430 mk ii, Neve Preamps, Universal Audio…etc.)

-editing to give you a tight sound

-track enhancement to get the best out of each track with high-end analogue equipment. (Distressor el8x, ISA 430 mk ii, Neve, Universal Audio…etc)

-mixing to get separation and a nice sounding stereo

-mastering, a finals polish for your project to make it sound bigger, better and reach industry standard loudness for physical and online releases. (SSL compressor, Tube Mastering EQ, quality limiters and everything we need to get the best out of your songs…etc.)


mozaik csik

“Most people think high quality audio means only good gear. But it’s not like that. It’s same like going to a good restaurant. The better the chef is and the most he looks after your food, the more enjoyable your meal will be. It’s the same in the audio world.”